2017 Home Design Trends: Textures

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With so much contemporary, sleek, and smooth designs taking the forefront, one can forget the importance textures can make in a home. Even the most contemporary space can have a range of textures to add depth and interest.

Let’s start with something very tactile—Velvet. Consider adding the lush fabric on sofas, throw pillows, and even curtains for a warm and soft look. This isn’t the velvet from those roadside paintings, it's soft, luscious, rich in color, and a great fabric to add in the living room or bedroom.

Another place to add a texture is your bathroom vanity. Instead of reaching for pre-manufactured designs, homeowners are getting crafty by using chests of drawers, old file cabinets, and vintage consoles to make one-of-a-kind pieces. How about a bike used as the base of a pedestal sink?!